New solution for Dry Eye, Xiidra!

Known as “dry eye”, Ocular Surface Disease (OSD) can affect daily activity like working in the computer and reading. New medications approved for the treatment and management of dry eyes can help in reducing both signs and symptoms. One of those medications is called Xiidra.

Dry Eye Syndrome is a condition associated with one or any of three things, insufficient quantity and/or inadequate quality of tear film coating the front surface of the eye, problems with the normal drainage of the tears and it’s components, and or problems with the structures that maintain the ocular surface.

Dry eye is characterized by symptoms like dryness, grittiness, irritation, intermittent blurry vision, stinging, burning and a sensation that something is in your eye when nothing is there.

Dry eye symptoms can also include light sensitivity. Dry eye symptoms may worsen with activities that are associated with reduced blink frequency, such as complex technical or mechanical tasks, work at a computer, or driving. Certain physical environments or weather conditions can also worsen dry eye, including arid, windy settings, air-computer users & dry eye syndrome, air conditioning, forced heating and airplanes.

“I spent months going to other eye doctors, not to mention the money I spent on various prescriptions, with no success. After just one visit, he calmed my nerves and made the proper diagnosis. I no longer have any trouble with my eyes and I’m very grateful.”Rosalie., Mc Kinney, Texas